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Manhattan chiropractor offering holistic, family centered care.

Dr. Sura headshotHello,

At Nalu, we honor the innate ability of your body to heal, re-organize and thrive with gentle adjustments and greater alignment to your true source – your own internal Life power. Our purpose is to help children, individuals and families live a happier and healthier life; clear of stress in their body and full of LIFE.

The five guiding principles of this practice are the following:

  1. Chiropractic is essential for all ages.
  2. True healing comes from within you. It is an inside-out process.
  3. Chiropractic helps clear stress in your nervous system.
  4. Adjustments align you with your innate power to heal, transform & awaken.
  5. A clear and connected nervous system is the foundation of Life.

These principles guide the care that is provided at Nalu. It brings me great joy to serve in this way and invite you to come experience the benefits of an aligned body, clear mind, joyful heart and brighter spirit for yourself. For me, Chiropractic has been the greatest gift of my life.

To your health and happiness,
Dr. Sura

Nalu is the Hawaiian word for “wave” with a deeper meaning of
“being aligned to your body, mind and spirit while riding the waves of life.”