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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Manhattan

Dr Sura adjusting pregnant patientAlong with general chiropractic care, Nalu Chiropractic offers prenatal chiropractic care to pregnant women. During pregnancy, the female body undergoes many changes. These changes lend themselves to misalignment.

Our practice is dedicated to helping expectant mothers feel comfortable throughout their pregnancies as well as preparing their bodies for smooth labors and deliveries. Whether this is your first pregnancy or one of many, we are here to support you from beginning to end.

Why Is Prenatal Chiropractic Care Important?

Pregnancy and birth is a natural process and one of the most powerful times in a woman’s life. The body undergoes many changes to help the body adapt as the little baby grows inside. Women love getting chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy because it is nurturing, feels wonderful and most important of all, keeps their body, mind and spirit aligned for the healthiest and happiest pregnancy and birth possible.

During Pregnancy, a woman’s center of gravity shifts as her belly enlarges, altering the pressure on her joints, muscles, and nerves. In addition, her ligaments become lax as her hormones, relaxin and elastin, help her body become looser in preparation for her babies’ birth. All these changes alter a woman’s biomechanics resulting in discomfort, pain, and a less optimal functioning of her nervous system. Misalignments in the spine will often be experienced as discomfort or pain in the body (although many misalignments are not symptomatic).

Our Approach

We specialize in safe, specific prenatal chiropractic care. Dr. Sura is certified in the Webster Technique, an adjustment method designed for expectant mothers. This gentle technique is used to carefully balance pelvic muscles and ligaments.

Your comfort is important to us. Be sure to communicate your thoughts and feelings with us throughout your visit.

The Nalu Chiropractic Difference

Dr. Sura’s passion for pregnant women and the birth process is unparalleled. In addition to being a prenatal chiropractor, Dr. Sura’s training as a doula gives her invaluable experience in the care of pregnant women and helping them experience relief. Dr. Sura travels around the country sharing her love of pregnancy and teaching prenatal care to chiropractic doctorate students.

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Why wait to take advantage of compassionate prenatal chiropractic care? With her vast knowledge of prenatal health care, Dr. Sura offers non-judgmental support to expectant mothers of all ages and lifestyles. Schedule your appointment today for pregnancy care Manhattan!
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